Where We From?

When asked this question the response of many tend to be the neighbourhood where they grew up, a place that’s molded them to who they are today. Regardless of the geographical location, what rings true is that through life’s experiences, many of us are connected and share similar memories. “Where We from”, the debut album of Virgin Islands recording artist Wally Kyat, has eleven tracks that lends insight to those experiences, whether personal or relative from the outside looking in. With a sound centred around Reggae and Dancehall, subtle influences from R&B, Soca and Afro beats is also evident throughout. “Where We From” is an accurate representation of the Melting Pot that is the Virgin Islands in itself.

The album opens with the title track “Where We From” as it encourages listeners to accompany Wally Kyat on a journey of his childhood. A childhood that may not seem very ideal for any young adolescent to grow in but as stated in the song “even though we’re bad, this is the place where I love…. Virgin Islands grow meh, got to show meh love”.

“Where We From” also includes two features on the album from international recording artists. The first one “Poison Love” features GT Queen recording artist from Guyana, Timeka Marshall. This tracks speaks on a being intertwined in a love that is toxic and hard to let go and centres around the idea that “The hardest thing to resist is that thing that isn’t good for you”. The next feature track “Feelings” features international recording reggae artist Pressure Busspipe. This track touches a side of Wally Kyat that has never been seen before and expresses an intimate experience shared with a woman in his life.

The album closes off with a song titled “More Life” which expresses giving thanks in everything you do as we go through our individual walks of life. “Where We From” has something that everyone can relate to and is now available on all streaming platforms. To stay up to date with current and new releases follow @Wallykyat on all social media and music platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify).

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