The name “CANDY DANCE” is sometimes used as an alternative name for the Electric Slide, particularly in certain regions or communities. Both names refer to the same line dance that gained popularity in the 1970s and is still enjoyed at parties, social gatherings, and weddings today.

Chinese Laundry & Rishi Mahato (Maha Productions) Present: Smooth Ride By Farmer Nappy


Written by : Joel “Zan” Feveck, Anthony Chow Lin On & Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry

Produced by : Chinese Laundry & Rishi Mahato (Maha Productions)

Background Vocals : Joel “Zan” Feveck & Natalie Yorke

Mixed and Mastered by : Rishi Mahato at Maha Productions

Dolby Atmos Mix : Maha Productions

Recorded at : Maha Productions

Executive Producer : Chinese Laundry Music

Distributed by: Chinese Laundry Music & Shayegan Media And Marketing