Category: Playlists

  • The Switch Riddim

    The Switch Riddim

    DJ Riddim Master Presents; The Switch Riddim

  • James Bond Riddim

    James Bond Riddim

    Dudley Frederick Presents; James Bond Riddim, Writers: J’Ason ‘Army Guy’ Hunte, Miguel ‘Eempey Slicker’ Paul, Producer: Dudley Frederick

  • 1 Knob Riddim

    1 Knob Riddim

    Jus D Music Presents; The 1 Knob Riddim featuring tracks by Performing Artists – Problem Child, It’s Jus, Trevon Vibes, Peter Ram, Fadda Fox

  • Cobba Riddim

    Cobba Riddim

    Gerusalem Music x Equiknoxx Music Presents; Cobba Riddim featuring tracks by Performing Artists: Aidonia | Spice | Mr. Peppa | Lil Joe | Shano | T.O.K | Tifa | Italee | Monsta Twinz

  • Dwive’ Riddim

    Dwive’ Riddim

    DWIVE’ (to stroll, to wonder aimlessly)This one is for the culture. Teamfoxx debutes their second dennery segment riddim album for St Lucia Carnival 2022 – featuring Motto, Blackboy, Sedale & Supa Nytro.

  • The Amazing Riddim

    The Amazing Riddim

    Deejay Ky & Promlematic Media Present; ‘The Amazing Riddim’ Featuring Tracks By Performing Artists: Terra D Governor | Problem Child | Hitz | Lavaman | Patrice Roberts | Faddafox | Mole | Skinny Fabulous | Shal Marshall

  • Red Dead Riddim

    Red Dead Riddim

    Noize Boyz Presents the: Red Dead Riddim featuring tracks by performing artists; Red Royale, Mole De Chief, Brucelee Almightee, DJ Cheem, Lil Rick, Freshie, Walkes, Lynchy, Sandman,

  • Beanstalk Riddim

    Beanstalk Riddim

    Lyon Roar Productions presents the ‘Beanstalk Riddim’ featuring tracks by Mysta Lyon & Krome | Supa Mario | Dem Guyanese Boys