Category: Riddims

  • Mini Van Riddim

    Mini Van Riddim

    Produced by: Stadic, Jonny Blaze. Tracks by; Skinny Fabulous, Trinidad Killa, Shiiloh, Yung Bredda, Jaiga.

  • Saltfish Stretcher Riddim

    Saltfish Stretcher Riddim

    Produced by; Stupid Dog. Tracks by; Lil Jelo and Terra D Governor.

  • Cool Breeze Riddim

    Cool Breeze Riddim

    Produced By: Lunatix Prod X Studio Musica. Mixed and Mastered By: Andrew Denny. Tracks By: Destra, Erphaan Alves, Lil Bitts and Sekon Sta.

  • Downtime Riddim

    Downtime Riddim

    Produced By: System32. Mixed/Mastered by: Kevin “vexmony” Beharry. Writers: Mical Teja, Mical Teja, Gervail Lemo, Kris Kennedy, Dev, Lucrativ

  • Rose Wine Riddim

    Rose Wine Riddim

    Rose Wine Riddim “A Tribute to Calypso Rose” produced by; GMS Productions. Tracks by Buffy, Crazy & Revelation X. Stream NOW @partycaribbean

  • Recharge Riddim

    Recharge Riddim

    Produced by Krishna ‘dadamanufakture’ Lawrence. Tracks by; Jadel, Fadda Fox, Erica Assai, Pumpa. Stream NOW via web or app @partycaribbean

  • S-Class Riddim

    S-Class Riddim

    Produced by Shot Master J (SMJ) @Hybrid Studio. Tracks by; Sackie, Skinny Banton, Squeezey Rankin and Swappi. Stream NOW @partycaribbean

  • Main Stage Riddim

    Main Stage Riddim

    Produced by DJ Ky, Problematic Media & A Team Band. Mix/Master by Parry Jack. Stream NOW via our website or app @partycaribbean

  • Talk About Riddim

    Talk About Riddim

    Produced by DJ Ky & Problematic Media. Mix/Master by Scratch Master. Stream NOW via our website or mobile app @partycaribbean

  • New Vibes Riddim

    New Vibes Riddim

    Featuring tracks by; Swappi, College Boy Jesse and Aaron Duncan.