“Maticoor Time” is that celebratory time on the Friday evening of a Hindu wedding to prepare the Dulahin or Dulaha , bride or bridegroom-to-be, for their journey into married life.

The guests, all dressed immaculately in traditional indian wear, assemble at the respective wedding houses as the beat of the tassa drums lead them, relatives and family members to the closest source of water in the neighborhood, usually a standpipe. Here hindu rituals take place and the traditional mud digging or dig dutty is done. The elder ladies in the family sing all the traditional songs suited for the occasion as the rituals are performed . As the night progresses the sound of the tassa drums awaken the energetic and inner festive feelings amongst the younger female relatives resulting in a joyous atmosphere of pure celebration and dance .

The Jaimaster, 12X Chutney King of the World together with ace arrangers Rishi Gayadeen and Rishi Lakhan have once again captured the essence of the Indian cultural traditions in song and brought it for their fans worldwide. From Trinidad to Guyana to Suriname and all places in the West Indian diaspora this is sure to be on everyone’s playlist.