Romell ‘Smiddy’ Smith Presents; Doh Judge Me By Preedy

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Akeem ‘Preedy Chance launched his first soca single for the 2023 Carnival Season entitled ‘Doh Judge Me.’ This song echoes the sentiments of masqueraders and fete-goers from across the globe, who eagerly anticipate Trinidad and Tobago’s 2023 Carnival.

Written by Preedy, the single signifies the vitality of Trinbagonian Arts and Culture, igniting a sense of pride and showcasing an appreciation for the long-awaited Carnival Season. ‘Doh Judge Me’ reflects the richness of talent within the local entertainment industry, as Trinidad and Tobago Carnival unifies not just its patrons but the creative expertise of those who fathom expressions of music, dance, song and production.

‘Doh Judge Me,’ as the name suggests, calls for persons of every creed and race to embrace the true essence of Carnival, as it is the nexus for cultural harmony, leaving absolutely no room for judgement.

Akeem ‘Preedy’ Chance, singer, songwriter and Soca Artiste, shared that while writing the song, he pictured the sunset hitting the trucks on the road while passing One Woodbrook. He also imagined people from all over the world, different cultures, different backgrounds, and different walks of life, dancing and enjoying the beauty of our sweet Trinbago Carnival. Preedy added that for Carnival 2023, he promises to provide music that soothes the soul, as this song, in particular,does just that.

Produced by Romell ‘Smiddy’ Smith, with additional production from Lunatix Productions, ‘Doh Judge Me’ comprises a symphony of live musical arrangements by the A-Team Band and melodic background vocals by Tiffany Chance and Trini Baby, all of which were mixed and mastered by Andrew Denny.

Akeem ‘Preedy’ Chance continues his music career as a household name in the Soca Industry as he charts his way forward as one of Trinidad’s most treasured talents.