Digicel and Flow both have shops at Maurice Bishop International Airport however as our flight landed after 17:00 local time the shops were closed. As we’re based in St. George’s, it was easy for us to get to both stores at 8am on Granbury Street the next day.

Upon arrival at 07:45, we were surprised that there were queues outside both stores. Having spoken to some of the customers, they joked that as its the last Friday in the month, we would need to allocate at least an hour to be seen and served.

We already knew from word-of-mouth that although Digicel has good coverage across the island, it’s data quality is poor and having tried a few video calls with contacts, we decided Digicel would be our second option pending data speed tests at Flow.

Once Flow opened and after a 25-min wait for our position in the queue we were served by an agent. We asked about speed tests and minimum guaranteed upload speeds and was looked upon with glazed over eyes. The agent signposted us to the shop floor handsets to run tests but learnt none of the handsets has SIMs with data on them and were connected to the store Wi-Fi. Having asked for a store data SIM to run tests, apparently there were none and we were advised that if we wanted to test then we would have to purchase a SIM, the sum of which is not refundable unless the data was unused. We were puzzled.

Fortunately another agent found a SIM which we used in one of our handsets outside of the store with the following results.

We were pleased with this, purchased the SIMs we needed and the rest is history. Unfortunately, on this occasion we were unable to tour the island to conduct coverage tests but take it from us, if you need to be plugged-in, Flow is the way to go.

One our return to Grenada we aim to do the full tour and provide our feedback here.

For pre-paid plans visit: https://discoverflow.co/grenada/mobile/plans/prepaid

Prices correct as of 26th July 2023 – subject to change by Flow Communications. Prices are in XCD East Caribbean Dollars.